Blog Moving to Every Knee Bowed

Hello Friend,

Thank you so much for following my blog over the last few years. I’m sorry for not writing much recently. I’ve been working on some other projects, including writing a book and starting a new platform on That said, I’m going to re-purpose for a website building service so if you know anyone who needs a website please have them reach out to me. Soon this website will no longer be a blog!

I appreciate you following me here and hope that you will follow me at and (blog coming soon). Praying God continues to bless you in all you do. Keep fighting the good fight!

One thought on “Blog Moving to Every Knee Bowed

  1. Hello Dennis! Thank you for your note and update. I pray God blesses your new journey and continues speaking through you with your blog! I will bookmark your new blog page and look forward to future readings! Hope you and family are doing well and staying healthy! Blessings, Mark

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